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Tied and gagged in water torture scene

“Now this is more like it!” I thought. I quickly started to suck and
lick her breast! As it became hard, she pulled it away, and brought the
other one to me. I reached towards Cathy, and slid my hand up her leg,
and stroked her cunt. By now, Cathy was sucking on my cock and making
me hotter and hotter! At one point, I flexed my hips to drive my cock
deeper into Cathy’s mouth, but the rope jerked at my balls and stopped
that idea. As long as I lay quiet, no problem. But no bucking was going
to work. As I played with Cathy’s pussy, I felt it get wet. When I
slipped a finger in it, there was no resistance. Then another finger.

Water torture

“Nice try!” Said Linda. “The other end of the rope is attached to a
large 5 lb weight! You can move your hands and do whatever you wish,
but not get off the plywood! Have fun!” With that remark, both girls
left for the bed room. I pulled and twisted, and tried everything, but
the rope held me fast to the wood! The 1 inch of slack was not enough
to get the rope off my balls, and I was stuck there! When the girls
returned they had changed clothes. Cathy had on a silky nightgown, and
Linda wore one that was blue. Cathy came next to me and started to
stroke my cock. It rose to the occasion quickly! As she played with it,
Linda leaned over me and guided her breast to my mouth.

Hot sexy girl tied and drenched in water

Once inside the house, I found that Linda had been busy! In the center
of the room, were tow sawhorses, and a sheet of plywood over them. Near
the center was a small hole. Linda had me lay on my back on the
plywood, and Cathy put the rope from my balls thru the hole. She tied
the other end of the rope to something under the plywood. When she was
done, they both stepped back to look at me.

“Now slave, lets see you go somewhere.” With that, they released my
hands, and stood back. The rope was pulling on my balls, and I grabbed
it and tried to pull it from the hole. I moved the rope about 1 inch
and felt a bump on the plywood from underneath!

City boy

“Mistress Linda. This is not fair! If I slipped and fell, I could be
ruined! Please let me go! I will do whatever you say!” I said. A part
of my mind was devious! if I got loose, I had plans for them no matter
what I said now!

“Hah! You will remain our slave until tomorrow morning, and won’t be
given any chance to get free. you say that you would do as we want, but
we aren’t taking any chances! As for slipping,…….. DON’T!”

Cathy, meanwhile had left and now returned. She had a wide leather belt
with a couple of ‘D’ rings sewn on it. She put the belt around my waist
and snugged it up tight! I fleetingly thought about grabbing her, but
the risk was not worth it. She fastened wrist cuffs on me, and then
snapped them to the belt ‘D’ ring in back. Undoing one of the ropes,
they left the one in front attached. using it like a leash, linda took
it and started out the door of the storage room. I had no choice but to
follow! One jerk on that rope convinced me that a struggle would be
harder on me! She led me into the bed room, and tied off the rope to a
leg of the bed. I could move around a little now, but only about three
feet. Both Cathy and Linda began to get dressed. They knew they had a
captive audience, and they took their time. Stroking their breasts, and
pussy mounds for my benefit! They got their desired effect as my cock
quickly sprang to attention. Once dressed, Cathy this time took the
rope, and led me outside. As she walked off, And naturally I HAD to
follow, she said something about payback for her earlier walk. Stark
naked except for the belt, I followed her where ever she went. At first
it wasn’t too hard as the ground was smooth, but soon, she turned from
the path and led off thru the brush. Anytime I slowed down, another
jerk of the ‘leash’, brought me in line. After more than an hour of
this, I was limping badly! I was a city boy, and my feet were used to
shoes. By the time she led me back to the house, I could just barely
limp. The pain in my feet and legs was terrible. But in my mind
constantly, was the thought of revenge!

Sexy blonde babe

After returning the plates to the kitchen, they returned with two
longish thin ropes. They tied the ends of them in slip knots, then put
them around my balls! One rope leading out from the front, and one
between my legs and out from the back. they untied my feet, and one
hand. Before I could so much as move, they were at the ends of the
ropes and had pulled them tight! The pain was tremendous! Knowing that
if I moved, I would lose that which was dear to me, I lay still! They
told me to untie my other hand and then to stand up. I figured that I
could grab the ropes, but if I slipped, Bye, Bye balls. I figured that
a better time would have to come, so I did exactly as they said. Using
the ropes, they led me to the storage room. My but they had been busy!
It was now empty and they had put some bolts on each wall. When I was
in the middle of the room, Linda tied her rope to the eyebolt. the
moved around to Cathy’s side. Once the bolt was thru that eyebolt,
linda pulled it tight and cathy tied it off! I was stuck! If I tried to
move, one or the other rope would snub me up quickly! As for pulling
the eyebolts out of the wall, they looked too sturdy for that.

Black chick drenched in water

I had awakened with a large hard on, and the whip snapped against it!

“AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!” I yelled! That HURT! Damn! What was going on
here. Another stroke, then another! Each one brought a scream of pain
from me. She stopped and looked at me. Then said…..

“We agreed that tomorrow morning we would be your slaves once again,
but today you are ours! So get used to the idea. If you are good, we
may feed you.”

Thinking fast, I decided that I didn’t want that damned whip going
again so I agreed with her. “OK, OK!” I said. “Have your fun, and
tomorrow I’ll repay you in spades!”

Tied Up And Moaning

we began to drive back to the cabin for a delightful night.
Once we got back, we went straight for the bedroom. It
was some sort of feeling in the night air, that must have gotten
under our skin. I could see the silhouette of her tits through
her thin sweater next to the window with the moon glowing ever so
brightly. As she stood by the window, she turned around, and
looked at me, smiled, and took off her sweater. I walked up to
her and quickly embraced her, and slowly pulled her over to the
bed, where we fell. I felt her fingers lift up my shirt, and
yanked it over my head. Trish’s tits were rubbing all over my
chest, and I put my hands on her ass, then pulled her mini-skirt
up, and planted my hands on her panties. After getting a good
feel, I worked off her skirt. She started in rhythm by mounting
my leg, and massageing her clit.

Tied Up Whore

Before arriving at the cabin, we decided to stop in the
TOWNE STORE down the street. It reminded me of the old west. We
picked out some food, and for some reason, Trish bought some
whipped cream. I just looked at her and smiled. She also got me
a cowboy hat. A large white one. Went good together with my
long dark brown hair. I decided to buy Trish a pair of top
quality boots. They were red leather. Quite good looking on
her, I must say. We managed to rack up a bill in there, and
decided to get out before we spent all the money we took with us
in the first 2 hours.
We arrived at our cabin, and at first glance, we fell in
love with the place. Looked like a house of love from something
out of the movies. Wish that, I decided to be a motcho kinda
guy, and carry her into the place. She was giggling and frenched
me as we walked in the door. I set her down, and went back to
the car to bring all our shit in the cabin. She was busy cooking
me some food from the supplies we had picked up at the store.

Wicked Bondage

It was spring, and it was that time of the year that
people like to take early vacations, and get away from the
hardships of winter. I had always wanted to go to the mountains,
especially since the temperatures were getting better, and the
trees were in bloom. I called up my friend over in western MD to
see if he would let me and Trish stay at his log cabin house,
since he was not using it. I set it all up for the weekend, and
the plans were all completed.
Trish seemed all excited about the entire idea. A
weekend together, and away from the fast-times of life around
here. It has been some time since we had gotten away. We talked
about all the neat things to do out there like taking walks in
the woods, and driving around in the mountains. It just had to
be really scenic this time of year.

Water Bondage

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episode 1 Wenona
(shot : Oct/17/06)
I always save the toughest scene ideas for esteemed visitors like Wenona. Scene 1 and 2 are back to back suspensions with no break! Being a masochist, she hates tickling, so I did lots of that. Scene 3 is a spin off of the “wax on, wax off” routine. And in the 4th scene in the fish tank,she finds out for the first time just how wicked a roll of harmless looking electrical tape can be. Kudos to one of the best in the industry, Wenona.