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I did as she wanted, and mashed and twisted her nipples. This was the
last bit she wanted! She started to cum with great shudders. She ground
her pussy against me until I thought she would push me through the
wood. But still, I HADN’T CUM! My Dick felt like it was on fire with
the wanting to cum. My balls seemed like they were full of cum ready to
shoot into her, but not quite yet. As Linda calmed down, I kept trying
to move the little I could against the rope. With a smile, she got off
of me, and I pleaded with her…..

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Pushing them in and out, brought moans of pleasure for her. I put my
thumb against her asshole intending to slip that in too, but she moved
away to prevent it! Linda had been enjoying my sucking, but now wanted
more too. She too my free hand and put it on her pussy! Knowing what
she wanted, I started to finger her too. I was so close to comming that
not moving my hips was agony! I wanted to drive up into Cathy’s mouth
so bad! She must have known this, cause she sucked even harder and
took more of my dick into her mouth. I was on the verge of cumming,
when she suddenly stopped!

“No, No! slave.” She said. “You may only cum when we are both thru with
you.” With that she started to slap and pinch my cock! As I yelled in
pain, she just smiled and kept on. When she thought I had been forced
away from cumming enough, she climbed on the table. Linda reached over
and guided my cock to Cathy’s wet pussy. Cathy slowly lowered her pussy
don onto my cock. Slowly……. slowly,……… slowly! Just a bit at
a time. When she was fully impaled on it, she stayed there, and
wiggled around for a bit. The again slowly,… lifted off of it. Linda
held my dick straight up, and Cathy repeated the slow movements.

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“That’s sort of what we were looking forward to. But you must be
reminded to call us MISTRESS!” With that another lash at my raging hard

“YYYIIIEEEEEEE!!” I yelled! “Yes Mistress Cathy. Whatever you say!”

With a smile, she left be there. I pulled at the ropes, but they held
fast. I was angry, and aroused at the same time. My hard on was still
rampant, and needing attention, but until I was let go, or one of the
girls did something, it would have to wait. Soon both women returned
and Linda was carrying a large plate. Breakfast! Now was my chance to
turn the tables on them. If my hand was free to eat, I was sure that I
could get myself untied. But no such luck! They cut the food up and fed
me! As much as I pleaded with them to let me feed myself, they
refused. It took nearly an hour for me to eat everything, and the time
passed quickly. I only forgot to say ‘Mistress’ once, and received a
lash to my dick for it. When I got free, they were going to pay for all
this! While feeding me, they mentioned that they might take me for a
walk later. Again, I was devising plans to escape! But again all my
plans were ruined!

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“I see that you are finally awake.” She said. “We decided that it would
be only fair if the tables were turned a bit. so today you are going to
be OUR slave!”

“Like HELL I will!!” I yelled. “Get this damned rope off me RIGHT NOW!”

“Now that’s no way for a good slave to talk.” She said as she walked
further into the room. She picked up a different whip than I had seen
before. It was smaller, and had only 3 tips on it. “If you keep on with
your language, then we will have to change your mind!” With that she
swung the whip towards my dick!

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When the last spurt had been shot into her pussy, I rolled off of her,
and told them to clean up my dick. Both of them quickly moved around
and started to lick me clean. Then I had Linda clean up Cathy ‘s pussy
with her tongue. Cathy was getting hot all over by the time Linda was
done. After this, I needed a drink, and some rest, but an idea came to
me. I had the girls stand up by the bed while I went to the case and
found a set of 2 nipple clips that were connected by a chain. I snapped
on clip on Linda ‘s right nipple, and the other clip on Cathy ‘s left
nipple. I told them that they were to remain that way, until I decided
to let them free. I told them to follow me and I went out to the main
room and sat down. I told them to fix me a drink, and one for each of
them. when they had returned I had them resume their kneeling position
on the floor, but allowed them to drink.

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I told Linda to get on the bed on her back. Then I had Cathy lay on her
stomach between Linda ‘s legs and lick her. I watched for a minute,
then whipped her ass some more. Just a few licks. I stopped and went to
the case and got out the largest butt plug there. I had Linda lick it
until it was good and wet, then started to push it into Cathy ‘s
asshole. Cathy did not like that, but had no choice! It went in slowly.
a little bit at a time. I knew that she was clenching her ass to
prevent it, but just pushed harder. When it was all the way in, I
picked up the whip again. Linda was now moaning and holding Cathy ‘s
head against her pussy. This time as I brought the whip down, it was
much gentler. But I made sure that every stroke hit the end of the butt
plug. Linda was about to cum when I stopped, and lifted Cathy ‘s ass. I
pushed my cock deep into Cathy pussy! Now every time I lunged forward,
my hips bumped against the butt plug in Cathy ‘s asshole, and Cathy ‘s
face and tongue were mashed against Linda ‘s cunt. My strokes had
brought Cathy close to cuming also, and was moaning around the pussy in
her face. Watching these two had really turned me on! It only took a
few strokes, and I was slamming into her as deep and as hard as I
could. Both slaves were moaning and close to cumming! With a powerful
lunge, I slammed deep into her cunt, and started to shoot my load of
cum deep into her! Just then, both slaves started to cum. All three of
us were cumming at the same time.

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“Is this true slave Cathy?”

“Yes Master.” She replied in a very soft voice. “I don’t understand
why, but pain increases my pleasure.”

“Well then, slave Cathy get over the horse there, and grab your
ankles.” I ordered. Once she was there, I took my belt and gave her a
couple of hard slaps with it. She didn’t make a sound. “Slave Linda,
get a whip for her ass. and whichever one you pick, the other will be
used on your ass!”

Linda went to her case and returned with a short whip that ended in 6
or 7 ends. Deciding to watch for a minute, I told Linda to begin
whipping her. As she moved next to the horse, I started to get
undressed. By the time I had removed my pants, Linda had laid into
Cathy ‘s upturned ass with a vengeance! Her ass was bright red, and
criss crossed with thin welts. Cathy still had not made a sound tho. I
took the whip, and started to work on her ass. After a few strokes, I
started to moved down her legs. Soon not only was her ass welted, but
the back of her legs were too. By working on her legs, Cathy started to
respond. Soft cries escaped her lips, and her hands almost let go a
couple of times.

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“Are there any other people coming up this week?” I wanted to know.

“No Master.” Cathy replied. “We don’t know all that many people that we
would trust here. Slave Linda is an executive with a bank, and I am a
partner in a large law firm. If anyone found out about our likes, we
would lose everything.”

“Why didn’t you say something about this earlier to me.” I asked

“I was enjoying it Master, and I was still a bit afraid that you would
discover our secret. I thought that when slave Linda showed up, you
might leave and never know.”

“What is your favorite way of being fucked?” I asked.

“Master,” Said Linda. “I like all kinds as long as it is hard. But
slave Cathy only likes to it when she is forced and it combines pain
with it. That’s why I am usually the one that plays as the dominate

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Linda quickly dropped to her knees on the floor and sat back on her
heels. she spread her legs as far as her skirt would allow and her arms
were crossed behind her back. Her head was bowed with her chin on her
chest. In this position, the material across her breasts was pulled
tight and I could see that she was not wearing a bra, and that her
nipples were standing out. Deciding to take a chance, I released Cathy
from the headboard, and she quickly went beside Linda and got into the
same position.

This was a dream come true! Two beautiful woman willing to be my slaves
for a week! I felt that I had died and gone to heaven. I told Linda to
get undressed. She stood up, and started on her blouse. As it came
free, her breasts were as good or better than Cathy ‘s! The skirt came
next and her black thatch showed thru her white panties. As she stepped
out of her panties, I saw that her pussy was glistening with moisture.
As soon as she was naked, she dropped back to the floor and went into
the same position.

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“Now this is a change. Usually I am the one that does the tieing not
the one tied. I see that you and Cathy have been having fun.”

“What is this?” I said. “Are you trying to tell me that you and Cathy
usually play these sex games between yourselves?”

“Why of course.” She said. “Both of us are submissives, but once in a
while we meet here and take turns being the Master. It is not as much
fun, but we relax and enjoy it. You look like someone that can use a
strong hand.” With that there was a catty smile on her face.

Making sure that Linda could not slip out the door, I moved aside and
undid Cathy ‘s ball gag. “Is this true?” I asked her. “Do you and Linda
like to be dominated?”

At first she looked a little embarrassed, but then replied. “Yes we do
like to be dominated a bit.”

“HAH!” said Linda. “She loves it! And the harder the better. I am
usually the one that plays Master cause she loves to be forced into
sex. You must have noticed that by now!”

I moved next to Linda and unlocked the handcuffs. “If you like it this
way, then you know the correct position to assume.” I said. I wanted to
check these two out before I made up my mind. Cathy had seemed to get
turned on by rough handling tho.

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This was going to be a great day and it was only 2 pm so far with lots
of time to go.

As I was drying off, I walked back towards the bedroom. Just at the
door, I heard the crunch of tires on gravel from outside. I raced to
the window, and saw a small blue car pulling up. I reached into the
case, and grabbed the ball from it. Into the bedroom, and forced the
ball between her lips and into her mouth. I tied it securely in place
as I heard steps approaching the door.

Quickly pulling on some pants, I went to the door. When I opened it, I
saw lovely young woman standing there. She looked as surprised to see
me as I was to see her! We looked at each other for a moment, then both
tried to talk at the same time. I let her go first. She said that she
thought that this was Cathy ‘s cabin and that she was going to meet her
here. Now the food and drink enough for 2 people made sense. I told her
that Cathy was out walking in the forest, but that I was a friend that
she had invited over. I asked her in, knowing that the ball gag would
keep Cathy quiet. She brought in a suitcase and another small luggage
case. I had her sit down, and offered her a drink. She agreed to a
martini, and I fixed it all the time wondering if I dared to grab her
too. Her name was Linda and she was a knockout too. Brown hair, green
eyes, and a figure that looked perfect. As she drank her martini, she
wandered around the cabin. She looked out the door for Cathy to return,
and then back to her chair. Her eyes seemed to examine me like a
doctors. She smiled as her eyes centered on my crotch. I was getting
hard again from the excitement of another beautiful woman. I took her
luggage into the bedroom where Cathy was secured. Cathy ‘s eyes seemed
to show fright as I looked at her. She made some kind of sound, but the
ball gag stopped it. I opened Linda ‘s case out of curiosity, and was
not too surprised to find some more sex toys. Coiled up among them was
2 black whips that were a surprise tho. There was a set of sliver
handcuffs there that I slipped into my pocket.Closing the case quickly,
I returned to the main room. Linda was over by the door looking out.
As I came close, she handed me her glass, and said that she wanted to
freshen up. She walked towards the bedroom door, and I followed close
as if I was heading to the kitchen. She opened the door and took a step
in before she really saw what was in there. I stepped inside and shut
the door behind me. I saw her eyes widen as she looked at Cathy on the
bed. Before she could begin to do anything, I grabbed her hands and
fastened the handcuffs on them. She started to yell and cuss at me, but
quickly stopped when I slapped her face. I pushed her over to a chair
and made her sit down. As I sat on the bed, I watched her face. At
first there was a look of fear, and then one of satisfaction, and
lastly a small smile on her lips. She looked at Cathy on the bed, and
back to me.

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With a last hard thrust, I was all the way up her ass! I stopped there,
and reached down and wiggled the dildo in her pussy. As I did that, she
moved her hips a bit. I continued to wiggle the dildo without moving my
hips. After a bit, I slowly pulled out of her ass until only the head
was still in. Then again pushing in her. after about 10 strokes of
this, her yowls had turned to moans, and I speeded up. Quickly I was
humping her ass for all I was worth! She was moaning constantly now,
and almost ready to cum. I reached around her and grabbed the chain to
the nipple clips. as I pulled on them, she bucked as hard as she could
and started to cum! I could feel her ass muscles tightening on my cock
with her spasms, and I only stroked into her a couple of more times
before I started to cum. As I felt the first spurt starting, I screwed
as deep into her ass as possible! As the cum spurted from my dick, it
caused her to cum again! A few more jerks on her nipple clip chain and
she was cumming once more! This woman was unbelievable! All too soon, I
had finished spurting my load of cum inside her. As I pulled out of
her, her asshole stayed open for a few seconds. I quickly slipped the
dildo from her pussy to her ass and pushed it in as far as it would go!
I then released her from the horse and let her fall back on the bed. I
tied her wrists to the headboard, and left to clean up and relax.

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Meanwhile, My cock had gotten hard again. I released her hands, and had
her sit in the large chair. I told her to play with herself, but not to
cum. I sat on the couch and watched her. At first she was hesitant to
do much, but after a bit, I could see that she was getting aroused. Her
finger went in circles around her clit and pussy lips. Back and forth,
back and forth. every now and then slipping inside her pussy. I saw her
face was getting flushed and my dick was hungry for her too. I stopped
her, and led her to the bedroom. Once there, I removed my clothes and
lay on my back on the bed. I had her sit on top and slide her pussy
down onto my dick! It was so hot and tight I could have cum with no
trouble at all. She bounced up and down on it. When I was getting
close, I had her stop. I attached the nipple clips again but this time
they made her moan as I tightened them. Once they were on as tight as I
dared, I had her turn around so her back was towards me. I handed her a
dildo, and told her to put it in her pussy! Once there, I lifted her up
a bit, And guided my cock at her asshole. When she felt it poking at
her ass, she tried to move away. But a few jerks on the nipple clips
stopped that. But still she wouldn’t let herself down on my dick! When
I tried to pull her down, she twisted and avoided my dick. Getting mad,
I pushed her off the bed, and jumped up. I grabbed her by the hair, and
forced her over the vaulting horse beside the bed. I quickly tied her
hands to the legs of the horse, and started to whip her ass again!
This time I struck her ass as hard as I could. Welts quickly formed,
and her ass was fiery red! I stepped between her legs, and poked the
head of my dick at her asshole once more. Holding her hips with each
hand, I pulled myself into her ass! At first, only a little bit slipped
in. And she yowled in pain! I kept pulling and a bit more was forced
in. Her yowl turned to a scream and she tried to get away! As more and
more of my prick disappeared into her ass, her screams tapered off.

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Her nipples were standing up so I got out the clips! I noticed that
these clips had a spring in them, and also a small screw that could
tighten them even more. There was a chain between the clips.I put one
on her nipple, and then began to tighten the screw. It only took a few
turns to get a response from her. then the same with the other clip. I
unfastened the rope from her neck and tied it to the chain between the
nipple clips. Now when I pulled on the rope, it pulled her nipples. I
jerked the rope a couple of times, and saw her wince each time.
Getting to my feet, I lead her back towards the cabin. About a hundred
yards short of the cabin, I had her sit on the ground. I removed her
shoes and socks and then get back up. This time, I lead her between
trees, over branches, and finally across the gravel drive to the cabin.
At one point I thought she would stop, but a few jerks on the rope and
she came along. Once inside with the door locked, I removed the clips.
I took each nipple and sucked on it. I played with the nipple with my
tongue and nibbled around the breast. I worked her jeans off, and
removed the dildo from her pussy. I noticed that her pussy was
extremely wet! This woman must get off from pain I thought.

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When I heard the water stop, I waited a few minutes and then called to
her to come here. She didn’t come, so I had to go get her. I found her
trying to push open the shutters and grabbed her by her hair.

“Now listen bitch!”, I said. “You come whenever I call and do whatever
I want when I want it! For trying to get away, you’ve earned yourself
some more pain!”

Dragging her back to the horse, I bent her over it and started to whip
her ass with the belt again. This time I didn’t stop until her ass was
bright red, and tears were running down her face. I stood her up, and
grabbed hold of a nipple. Using this as a handle, I pulled her into the
kitchen. I made her sit in the chair facing me, and picked up my
coffee. She started to ask something, but I interrupted her.